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Sherman’s business activities include, among other things, website design, graphic design, website maintenance and management, online support services, bug fixing, domain name registration, search engine marketing (SEM) services, coordination of SEM and pay per click advertising campaigns including keyword research, page optimization, technical reviews, guest blogging, monthly reports, consultancy and blog content, extension of network of customers and marketing across various media channels including online advertising

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A Simple Affiliate Model

Trading under the brand “iAffilates”, Sherman Limited is an Isle of Man company that runs various web domain to establish affiliate programs. The purposes of affiliate programs/agreements are to enhance HTML linking to the clients respective business websites for the purpose of diverting web traffic and referring potential customers to the clients (“Affiliate Services”).

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The fees payable to Sherman is a subscription based model and its clients are charged a fixed monthly subscription fee (for creation/maintenance of landing pages and search engine optimization) with a variable component (based on KPIs like clicks per site, new customer registrations and number of unique active customers).

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